Whirlwind D

Whirlwind D

Biography (taken from Discogs.com)
Whirlwind D is a rapper signed to B-Line Recordings. He has released a string of LPs, EPs and singles over the years and his track ‘Labels’ even received mainstream airplay on the BBC. He has worked with artists in the UK and US including Phill Most Chill and Oxygen in the States and Mr Thing, Specifik, Sir Beans OBE and label mates Chrome & Illinspired in the UK to name a few. He has performed up and down the country and abroad including Germany and The Channel Islands, alongside artists such as Chester P, Killa Instinct, Son Of Noise, Black Twang, Oracy and Soundsci as well as providing support for international icons such as Public Enemy, Main Source, Grandmaster Flash and The Wu Tang Clan. Originally based in South London and now living on the South Coast, he started his hip hop career B Boying and writing in the early 80s, before taking up emceeing in the late 80s. In 1989 he was working with Lap One Productions and then the fledgling Kold Sweat label. Although a few tracks were recorded, he would release his first record in 1990 on the Liberty Grooves label alongside Johnny F as part of Solid n Mind. The band recorded three twelve inch singles in the early 90s, the final record, ‘Battle Tipped Rhyme’ was released 20 years later to mark 20 years of Liberty Grooves. During his years with Liberty Grooves, Whirlwind D rhymed alongside emcees such as MC Mell O, Big Ted and The Lords Of Rap. D is also a respected hip hop writer, penning columns for a number of magazines including Undercover, Ethics and Record Collector Magazine. In addition, he has contributed to various books such as the Rare Record Price Guide and Freddy Fresh Rap Records. As well as this, D presents ‘The Pioneers Hip Hop Show’ on Kane FM.


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