About Heroes Of UK Hip Hop

This website is a non-profit website dedicated to the recording artists involved in the early days of UK Hip Hop and Britcore, from around 1984 through to 1996, featuring tracks up to the present day from certain artists. You will find information and discographies of most of the artists that helped construct the backbone of UK Hip Hop. There are still many artists to be added to the site so don’t panic if they are missing, we are adding artists to the site all the time, with regular updates, but we wouldn’t mind people letting us know so we can add them in case we have missed them off or simply do not know about them. Many of the artists still have missing information.

All information on this site is taken from sources off the internet, magazines and personal knowledge, if there is any incorrect information, please let us know as soon as possible so it can be changed.

This is a website that we have made available through love for the music and are hoping will influence people to search out more information, buy more of the older UK artists work and hopefully bring back the energentic style of UK Hip Hop that is lacking from recent times.

It doesn’t focus on the scene, how it formed etc., there are other websites to inform people of that. It is solely about the artists involved, a chance for people to find out about tunes they have heard and wondered who made them and a chance for people to hear the music that was to become known worldwide as BRITCORE.

Under the  UK ARTISTS  section you will find an alphabetical grid, listing nearly every artist involved in the progresssion of UK Hip Hop from around 1985. Each artist will have their own information and discography section.

There is also an  OTHER ARTISTS  section which features music from around the world that is of similar style or influenced by the early UK sound.

Big thanks to Boris over at undergroundunited.de for all his contributions to the website, especially the Other Artists section.