The Dark Craftsmen – No Shadow On Your Sundial Review (2005)

(2005) No Shadow On Your Sundial

When the Dark Craftsmen dropped their True Vandal and Creepshow 12’s back in 2001/2002 they were the most welcomed releases at the time for me, at a time when I was losing a lot of hope that the sound I loved wouldn’t be around anymore UK Rap Records came along, so when I heard they had an album out on Dropzone, obviously I opened my door and welcomed it in with open arms and it was a member of my family until I lost the bloody CD. So, I managed to swap a copy with Tekneek.

Basically, this album doesn’t get anywhere near the recognition it should, the kids need to hear this and realise what passion is, from the ‘Intro’ to the ‘Outro’ the head nods, in some cases, ‘T-2000’, nearly neck breaking. After the ‘Intro’ the opening track is ‘Lyrical Telepathy’ an awesome beat, big big drums with Tekneek and CBR riding it perfect. The next track ‘Origins Of Sin’ is more mellow and dark, which is the vibe throughout most of the album, lyrically it’s superb. ‘True Vandal’ even gets a rework on here with Eastborn and Junior Disprol making an appearance.

There’s many standout tracks on this album ‘Titanium Assassin’ and ‘Shadows’ just two of them, lyrically it’s great, most of the beats are laid back, dark, eerie vibes as mentioned earlier, apart from one, which is probably the best track to be released in the last ten years in my opinion, ‘T-2000’ is one hell of a banger, bullet fast, taking you way way back, and Tekneek proves just how f***ing good an emcee he is, this is what makes hip hop so frustrating for me, with guys out there who struggle to rhyme over 85bpm beats, why is someone who can drop like this not up there with the best? There’s so much going on in this track and the cuts at the end, which I presume are by DJ Relic, but not sure, are amazing.

This is a must have album for any UK Hip Hop fan, let alone the die hard, if I could do anything, it would be to get the younger guys to sit and listen to ‘T-2000’ and realise just how good, uplifting and passionate UK Hip Hop could be.

1. Intro
2. Lyrical Telepathy
3. Origins Of Sin
4. True Vandal (rework featuring Eastborn & Junior Disprol of Dead Residents)
5. Morbid Philosophy
6. Shadows
7. T-2000
8. Whispers Of The Madman
9. Voices
10. Titanium Assassin
11. Poison Pen Letter
12. Outro

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Reviewed by Websta for Heroes Of UK Hip Hop 2006

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