Solid 'N' Mind

Whirlwind D, Jonny F & MSD

Solid’N’Mind are Whirlwind D and Johnny F and were originally called Solid State but owing to another band, unknown to them, using the same name, their name was changed at the last minute for Liberty Grooves’ first release. 

Johnny F and Whirlwind D (Dudley Jaynes) met in the late 80s. Whirlwind had previously been a breaker in the Radioactive Posse and started rhyming with MSD (who drew the original Liberty logo), while Jonny was involved in radio as well as being a well-known record collector and dealer. Around 89/90, Whirlwind D was working with Kold Sweat and Lap One Productions on a number of tracks, when he and Johnny made the decision to go it alone and Liberty Grooves was born. ‘An Original Break’, the first release for the label, is often misunderstood because of its ‘Rupert The Bear’ sample, making it easy to dismiss. In fact the duo were sarcastically commenting on the overuse of certain samples at the time and the Rupert the Bear hook fitted this purpose perfectly against the harsh drums of ‘Big Beat’ by Billy Squire. That said, HHC picked up on the point of the record and the record charted in the Tower Records Dance chart. 

The group’s follow up ‘Centre Stage/Woke With Nothin’, which was their staple when playing out, was due to be released after Truestyle’s ‘Codes Of Conduct’ EP as lib003. However, for a variety of reasons the single wouldn’t get released until 2009, save a rough cassette version of the first demos. Fast forward to 2009, and Liberty Grooves was resurrected to bring Solid’N’Mind’s sophomore single out of hibernation. Having been featured on Aroe’s ‘Crown Jewels’ CD in 1990 demo form, the record was pressed as it would have been in 1991 with the main 1991 version (slightly different lyrics & production) as well as 1990 demo version. It was given lib002 ½ as the cat number to place it where it would have been had it come out at the time. The crew’s final single (‘Battle tipped Rhyme’), written in 1991 and due to be released in 1992, was released in 2010, complete with an insert detailing the discography and history of the label. As there was no studio-ready version of the track, The Assembly Worker recreated Johnny’s original track, adding dope scratches as well as Whirlwind’s vocals.

These days Whirlwind D is better known as a solo artist on the B-Line Recordings label.


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