Silver Bullet / Silvah Bullet

Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet (Silvah Bullet), DJ Mo

Silver Bullet first hit the UK hip hop scene as part of Triple Element, who released a tune called ‘What’s Dat Sound’ on Tam Tam records in 1988. After this, came, his debut as a solo artist ‘Bring Forth The Guillotine’ also on Tam Tam records, which was so successful that it prompted two other official remixes, one by Ben Chapman and the other by Norman Cook. ’20 Seconds To Comply’ was the follow up single which got quite high in the UK Charts, again this also had many remix releases.

After a two year gap and label switch from Tam Tam to Parlophone, Bullet released ‘Undercover Anarchist’ before releasing his debut and long awaited album ‘Bring Down The Walls – No Limit Squad Returns’ which was originally going to be called ‘Hung, Drawn and Quartered, why the name change I don’t know, but I’d like to. This album featured some amazing tunes on it, especially, ‘Raw Deal’, the lyrical content on this album was excellent, even by today’s standards. He then released ‘Ruff Karnage’ off the album, which also had many remixes.

As well as featuring on many other artists records like Jonny L, Outcast (not THE Outkast), Monkey Mafia, Ben Chapman, to name a few, Silver Bullet relaunched himself as a solo artist onto the hip hop scene in 1998 as Silvah Bullet with 12’s ‘Dem Beass’, ‘Chemissinyadiss’ and ‘Jewelz And Diamondz’ on Arthrob. Apparently, an album was recorded on Arthrob, but was never released, confirmation of this would be nice. Silvah Bullet has recorded tunes with Radioactive man and released a record called ‘Se7en’ on Control Tower.



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