(1992) Shut Up And Dance – Death Is Not The End

(1992) Death Is Not The End

DEATH IS NOT THE END (Shut Up And Dance Records – 1992)
(Cat. No. SUAD LP 005)

Side 1
1. Death Is Not The End
2. Raving I’m Raving (Remix)
3. Autobiography Of A Crackkead (Acoustic Version)
4. Cape Fear

Side 2
1. Here Comes A Different Type Of Rap Track Not The Usual 4 Bar Loop Crap
2. The Green Man
3. Java Bass (featuring Ragga Twins)

Side 3

1. So What You Smoking?
2. Runaways
3. Blue Color Climax
4. Pure White Black Life (featuring Ade)

Side 4
1. The Art Of Moving Butts
2. Down The Barrel Of A Gun
3. My C-Lab Crashed And Did This