She Rockers

She Rockers

She-Roc (Donna McConnell), Aurra (Antonia Jolly), Betty Boo (Alison Clarkson)

The She Rockers were originally a trio but after their first release Betty Boo went solo and had a short but successful solo career. They decided to form the band after seeing Salt-N-Pepa play live at London’s Astoria venue. Their debut recording was on the Known 2 Be Down compilation album and was called ‘First Impressions’ under the name The She Rockers Crew.

They got their break after performing an impromptu freestyle at McDonalds in Shepherd’s Bush, London in front of Public Enemy. The result was a collaboration with Professor Griff and led to their first release on Music Of Life in 1988 called ‘Give It A Rest’, which also featured DJ Streets Ahead.

When the She Rockers went from being a trio to a duo, with members She-Roc and Aurra, they signed to Jive and released four singles and an album entitled ‘Rockers From London’


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