School Of Culture

M.C. Shola D, DJ Def, DJ Knowledge, Truesay

Biography (taken from
Taking shape in 88, DJ Def and Shola D started collaborating, introduced through a mutual friend DJ Kid Andy (TruSteppers) who hosted a Hip-Hop show on pirate radio station Studio FM with records and mixes provided by DJ Def. The duo started working together to perform at an Alldayer Hip-Hop Jam then progressed onto creating a first demo titled “Solid Gold”. Shola enrolled a friend to help with writing lyrics Adam Smith who later got involved with the music production, Shola and Adam then brought in Alan, a friend of Lee who had a large collection of breaks and ideas to further our musical arsenal. Sold Gold was pressed to a dub plate at JTS in Hackney possibly late 88 or early 89, Experiment was also pressed to acetate in 89 and played at Notting Hill Carnival around the time the group signed a deal to release the track on Warrior records. Warrior Records like our track Experiment so much they decided to make it the opening cut on the Stupid Fresh 2 compilation, it was expected to be released in 89, but eventually came out early 1990.

After several demo’s and favourable reviews in Soul Underground the groups musical direction was getting steered to a direction DJ Def was no longer happy with, Adam and Alan tried to bring in more electronic samples, moving away from the funk. Adam knew the guys who owned Pure Groove Records (House Music shop) in Holloway Road, Archway and they offered us free studio time in a Clapham based studio to knock out some tracks. We recorded “Detonate to Activate”, and “C’mon”, Detonate featured Lee’s cousin, Clayton O’Shea doing some Reggae toasting and on keyboards Mark Williams (The Homeboy) from the group “A Homeboy, A Hippy & A Funki Dredd”. Pure Groove may have pressed around 500 copies, or so I was told, but no money was paid to the group. Shortly after we split, mostly due to musical differences. One of our early demo’s was a track called “School of Kulture” wholly produced by DJ Def, at some stage before the Detonate to Activate single was released we decided the name sounded better. In the Early days before the group officially formed Shola and myself are down on a flyer as “Culture School Rockers”


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