S.L.R. Crew

S.L.R. Crew

DJ Cuetips & MC Dashy D

The South London Renegades (SLR Crew) were formally known as DJ Cuetips & MC Dashy D who appeared on the Hardcore One compilation album with their brilliant single ‘Control’. After the release of that tune and not getting paid a penny for it, the duo tried to get a deal elsewhere but without success, so they established their own record label called ‘Southside Records’. Unfortunately, the only thing they released that I know of was a white label called ‘Bass Drum’ b/w ‘Life Is A Bitch’. Dashy D later went on to release the Dunken Master EP on Kold Sweat with DJ Cuetips on the production.


Appears on

as DJ Cuetips & MC Dashy D

Also see  Drunken Master 

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