MC Styles Kill a.k.a. MC Shootyadead (became MC Shootyadead on 2nd Release), MC Masquerade, DJ Uppercut (The Technical Knockout), DJ Shatterhand (a.k.a. Mr. Shatta), Sleepwalk a.k.a. The Sleepwalker (Producer)

Early Hardcore Hip-Hop band from Hamburg, Germany. Consisting of MC Styleskill (who later became Shootyadead), MC Masquerade, DJ Uppacut, DJ Shattahand and Sleepwalk (a.k.a. Sleepwalker).

They went under the name of ‘Extreme 53.3’ before they renamed to Readykill in the early 90’s. Sleepwalk also produced some beats for other acts such as Barricade, Parts of Chaos and Direkt Action.

The cover art of the first release was done by two world-wide known graff artists, Daim and Hesh who is none other than MC Masquerade himself. Some members of Readykill, namely Shootyadead and DJ Shattahand later became a part of Cheeba Demons together with Fog Moor and Bandog of Killa Instinct to release just one 12″.

The members went on to do other stuff, Sleepwalk is producing music for various acts nowadays andShootyadead found a clothing label.

In 2006, 2007 and 2008 they gave their comeback with a reduced line up of the band on the Mass Hysteria Jams in Hamburg.


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