Overlord X

Overlord X

Overlord X (Lord V / Sidekick), Sir Preme Tee

Overlord X first released ‘Let There Be Rock’ on the Music Of Life Compilation album ‘Hard As Hell’. Then in 1988 came the UK classic ’14 Days In May’ on Street Sounds Hip Hop 20. Along with the X Posse, straight out of Hackney, London, Overlord X went on to become one of the UK’s most successful hip hop artists. As well as being on Street Sounds Hip Hop 20 ’14 Days In May’ was also released as a 12″ on Westside Records in 1988. 

Signing to Mango Street Records he released, ‘The Earth Is Moving’ b/w ‘Rough In Hackney’, ‘2 Bad’ and ‘Radical Kickbag’, he then released his debut album ‘Weapon Is My Lyric’ in 1989. After this Overlord X continued releasing tunes with the help of his alter-ego’s Sidekick and Lord V, like ‘Power House’ in 1990, ‘You Oughtta Get Rushed’ b/w ‘X Keeps Tunring’ and his diss tune to MC Duke ‘Die Hard’. He then released his second album ‘X Versus The World’ in 1990 with an awesome album cover (see below). Overlord X also produced a posse album called ‘X-Posse – Project X’ in 1990 (see X-Posse in the X Section), featuring the talented Midrange and many others.

A third solo album was due for release called ‘Mind Of A Menace’ (see Exclusives Section in Features for some MP3’s off the album) but unfortunately for people like myself and many others, Overlord X didn’t like the direction the scene was taking and decided to get out while he was on top of his game.

As well as becoming BJ in boy band Benz, Overlord X went on to be the manager of a pop/R&B girl group called Tommi. He is now a photographer and film make with Graftin and goes by the name MystereX.


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