No Remorze

No Remorze

Crak (Vocals), DJ Stylewarz, Dj Kaoz, TNG (Programming)

No Remorze were found in the very early 90’s in Bremerhaven (North-Germany) and played several gigs afterwards. Early demos such as ‘Da Day Da Lites Went Out’ and ‘Demonic Charge’ were sent out to labels and magazines, in 1992 the impressive ‘Killa Squad’ got released on a sampler album, followed up by four more tracks released on samplers in 1993 and 1994, they finally realised their debut 12″ on Buback records.

Due to dissension DJ Kaoz left the group and weren’t involved in the 1995 released debut album and it’s following single, both on MZEE records.

The album and it’s 12″ were of a really high standard for that time, from the production, to the cuts and Craks very unique rap-style did the rest to make it another impact by No Remorze on the scene.

In 1996 their third release on MZEE records got released, a double album with the feeling of a ‘best of’ as most of the tracks were released in the early creative period of the group and only a few previously unheard tunes were added but these were from the same era.

In 2004 No Remorze released another single with a different style to the early releases, Crak was now rapping in German language also. This only got a CD release and hardly any recogntion by the fans.

Crak is rapping in Turkish and German nowadays, but will rap in English again according to himself. DJ Stylewarz is playing gigs all across the country and has produced for and worked with several acts, mostly german rap acts. DJ Kaoz is still practising cutting and scratching.


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