Biography (taken from
the L.A. skateboarding / London electronic musician / DJ & M.C.inspired by Afrika Bambatta & his social consciousness attempted to facilitate any London crew that wanted to get on.
Newtrament was founder of Rock Box a precursor to raves an original warehouse jam establish-er with the aid of other warehouse jam crews such as Renegade Soundwave’s Danny, Frank, Karl & Sam Bullawella & also Jeremy Healy and the Circus where he often was to be seen on wheels cutting and scratching along his own formidable Rock Box team M.c Sweet Pea A.K A She Rocker M.C. Dupe Rock Box crew also consisting of the now known prolifically conscious roots artist Ras Simeon Judah, whom along with Fresh ski and not for getting the allusive Doctor Fate A.K.A Cat A.K.A. Leo comprised the nucleus of rock box, Newtrament for quite time was up 7 down visiting his pals in Bristol whilst continuing to be all over north, south & west London originally he had a squatter in stoke Newington , North London for several years then in 1980 he moved to Philadelphia where he saw the Sugarhill records greats performers and immediately became influenced by rap music and the is mostly lies & legend.


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