Mighty Ethnicz

Mighty Ethnicz

Sir Drew, Flex, Ola, Tosh, Iroc

Mighty Ethnicz were formed in 1985 by Sir Drew, Flex and Iroc. Sir Drew was previously in the Newtrament Krew along with DJ Mr Mix of the 2 Live Crew and made ‘London Bridge’ as Newtrament, widely acknowledged as the first British rap record, before Mr Mix went back to Miami to form the 2 Live Crew.

Flex was working with the Cash Crew and met Sir Drew whilst recording ‘Known 2 Be Down’ a low budget compilation album in 1985. Mighty Ethnicz was formed and recorded ‘Any R’ddm’ with Skip Mcdonald, Adrian Sherwood and Doug Wimbush (Sugarhill Gang and Living Color) and Dominic.

They released ‘Any R’ddm’ in 1986 on their own label and it was licensed in Jamaica by the Tuff Gong label and reached number 1 for four weeks. Then came ‘Freestyle’ again released on their own label and in 1990 ‘Harmony Hall’ was released. ‘Harmony Hall’ was on the Radio One A List for three weeks and was heading for the Top 40 until the distribution company went bankrupt.

In 1991 Sir Drew moved to L.A. where he did some recording with Kid Frost, Tony G and 2 Live Crew. Flex also went to L.A. and recorded with Scott Hobbs (Take Em Under Productions) and did a number of live shows.

In 1992 they returned to London to continue working with another MC called Ola from Brooklyn, New York, they then hooked up with Tosh from Vinyl Solution. Previously Ola had performed with a number of groups and opening up for acts such as Tribe Called Quest, Kwame and Prince Akeem and Tosh had previously done remixes for R. Kelly, Yo Yo Honey and Bizarre Inc.

Then they released ‘Can I Get A Deal’, another self financed release that got Major Label interest.


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