Mental Disorda

Mental Disorda

DJ Psychopath, Frozen Brain, Trash Tower

Located in Hamburg, Germany, DJ Psychopath, Bereter and Frozen Brain started making music in 1989 in a band called ‘Bass Warriors’. Bereter later released a solo track on the legendary ‘Brainkilla sampler LP’. 1991 they joined Trash Tower to form the ‘Crime Code Berets’. They became a cult status in Hamburg due to their amount of performances and organisation of jams in Hamburg and it’s surrounding areas.

At the end of 1993 Bereter left the group and they decided to make a record and to change the name of the group, Mental Disorda was born. On the 1st January 1994 they released their debut LP on their own new-born label Disorda Records and they pressed 1000 units. The LP was self-entitled, Mental Disorda. In the spring/summer of the same year they released their second piece of vinyl entitled ‘Your Enemy Was A Nice’ mini LP, 1500 were pressed.

More releases off Disorda Records are: Hideouz Newcome, Digital Colors, Brainkilla Sampler, Mind Core etc. They became a status of ‘Heroes of Hardcore’ in Europe due to their live performances all over the continent and their encouragement in organising jams. They were well known for hard beats and aggressive voices. DJ Psychopath was also making beats for Digital Colors, Hideouz Newcome, Mind Core, Atmosfear, Mind-x-panding and Last Execution. He did all the beats using an Amiga 500!!!!

In 1995 Mental Disorda split and ‘Disorda Records’ became ‘Defcore Records’ (Fractales, Deliverance, Mike Tajson). Trash Tower (from now on a.k.a. Mr. Frac) and Parricide formed Fractales to release an LP called ‘Tones for the Cracked Up). They did only one LP and two live appearances.

In 2000 Defcore released a Mental Disorda CD entitled ‘Destined to be Ill’ with all their previous releases (as their records were rare) and 3 previous unreleased tracks on it. 2001 saw the reunion of Mental Disorda but without DJ Psychopath, Frozen Brain is also making music with Gato (both mcs, Frozen is the producer) under the name ‘Hunta’. Trash Tower and Frozen Brain are woking on new tracks. Mental Disorda also released tracks on Various Artists – ‘Brainkilla’ LP and Various Artists – ‘The Project’ LP.


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