MC Duke

MC Duke

MC Duke, DJ Leader 1

MC Duke got his big break when the emcee who had won the DMC MC Battle got on stage at the DMC World Championships after party and announced that he would battle anybody in the house, MC Duke got up and beat him. Derek B saw what happened and as he had just signed to Music Of Life asked Duke to meet him at the label the next day. While waiting for Derek B, Duke met the owner Simon Harris, and rapped live as he didn’t have a demo, needless to say the rest is history.

Having huge success with tracks like ‘I’m Riffin’ and his debut ‘Organised Rhyme’, Duke released a compilation album featuring tracks he had produced for other artists called ‘The Royal Family – Straight From The Underground’ featuring the excellent ‘Boingsville’ by Thrashpack. 

Then came his second album ‘Return Of The Dread-I’ before he parted with Music Of Life and went on to feature on the Phat Skillz tracks ‘Dress Like Your Enemy’ and ‘Phat Skillz’. He then joined the Shut Up And Dance label and released two 12 inches with DJ Leader 1 under the name I.C.3..


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