Mark B & Blade

Mark B & Blade

Mark B, Blade

Mark B & Blade originally met when Mark B asked Blade to do a show in Kingston, London after buying records off Blade via mail order. After this they kept in touch and Mark B would regularly play Blade his beats, but Blade wanted a faster tempo so Mark went on to build his reputation and signed to Jazz Fudge producing for like of Big Ted, MCM.

He eventually got back on to Blade and in 1998 they released the “Hitmen For Hire” EP, which then laid the foundation for them to work together on future projects. With Blade unsigned and Mark B with Jazz Fudge they put some demos together and landed a contract with Virgin’s imprint ‘Wordplay’.

In 2000 they released “The Unknown” album and it was a massive hit, with a remix of “Ya Don’t See the Signs” featuring Feeder’s Grant Nicholas reaching the UK music charts and becoming the theme tune to Sky Sports ‘Soccer AM’ programme. 2000 and 2001 were a big success, with the duo supporting Eminem on his UK tour in 2001. Despite the success the two of them wanted to pursue their solo careers, leaving Virgin and each of them going on to have huge success in their own right.

Mark B died in his sleep in London on January 1st 2016, aged 45. R.I.P.


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