London Posse

London Posse

Sipho, Bionic, Rodney P, DJ Biznizz

London Posse was formed by Sipho the Human Beatbox, and consisted of Sipho, Rodney P, Bionic and DJ Biznizz. Sipho had gained the attention of Mick Jones (formerly of The Clash) through his performance in the 1985 documentary Electrorock. The group formed for the 1986 Big Audio Dynamite tour of the United States and Europe, as Sipho had been asked to tour and wanted the others to tour with him.

When the group first formed, it did not have a name, but while playing in New York City, they were constantly referred to as the “London Posse” because of their hometown, and the name stuck. On their return to the UK, they released the single ‘London Posse’.  The group also appeared in Tim Westwood’s 1987 BBC documentary “Bad Meaning Good”. After the first single, Sipho and Biznizz officially left the group – Sipho to work with Derek B, and Biznizz to work on Tim Westwood’s radio show (although Biznizz continued to work with the group as a DJ and produce some of the group’s later tracks).

Rodney P and Bionic continued to record as a duo, releasing the single ‘Money Mad’ on Justice in 1988 before signing with Mango Records and releasing ‘Live Like The Other Half Do’ in 1989. A year later they released their only album, ‘Gangster Chronicle’.

After two more singles ‘Tell Me Something’ and ‘Jump Around’, Mango was closed down by its parent company and the London Posse moved to Bullitt Records run by their manager Errol Bull. The group began recording a second album (preliminary titled “Ladies Love Roughnecks”) but could not afford to release it with the financial responsibilities of running a label, so it was permanently shelved.

After several releases the group separated in 1995, and started moving in different circles to each other. Bionic teamed up with Stevie Hyper D and ventured into drum and bass MCing while Rodney P stayed with hip hop. Both MCs recorded independently to one another.

London Posse reformed briefly in 1996 and their final release was ‘Style’, a drum and bass influenced track produced by Bionic.

In May 2017 London Posse got back together to perform their first live show in 20 years.


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