K.M.C., DJ Euroh, SPD

KMC & Hammer Records were based in Ipswich, Suffolk. The main rapper was K.M.C., an ex American Air Forceman who stayed in Ipswich after meeting a local girl. He had been writing, street poetry, since the age of 14, these poems were very socially & politically informed, having been brought up through heavy itmes in the ghetto in St Louis, Missouri and although these were designed as poetry, they were rhymes none the less, & over the top of a beat were straight up raps.
After joining the Air Force and being stationed in England, at RAF Bentwaters & Lakenheath bases in Suffolk too, he then got involved in the poetry scene in Ipswich & it is here that Hammer Hi-tec soundsystem (an Ipswich reggae sound), approached him as they wanted to put out some Hip Hop. 

DJ Euroh joined KMC in 1989 as the DJ & beatboxer at the age of 19, they held an audition for a DJ cos they’d just sacked their previous one, DJ Floyd. DJ Euroh originally lived in Gravesend/East London and was involved in a project called Justice In Beats, with Prime Cuts & a few other heads.

After a short time the first track ‘Why Do People Lie’ was recorded. Then came Knucklehead and World Conversation, for World Conversation, DJ Euroh had wanted a beatbox & scratching track for the album they were working on, but they ended up sampling his Beatbox & K.M.C. (being heavilly into Jazz), wanted a kind of African feel to the track. They recorded 16 different tracks for an album, but, politics in the studio ran the project into the ground.

After gigging with Daddy Freddy and doing 3 dates of the 5 date BDP tour in 1989, KMC later went on to release a record under the name MC Wac called Murder 1.


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