Katch 22

Katch 22

Huntkillbury Finn, DJ Mad Marga, DJ Brainiac, DJ Kill-A-Man-Twice

After Huntkillbury Finn’s first band ‘Black Phantom Reigns Supreme’ missed out on releasing their debut on Cooltempo Records due to one of the members falling ill, he started another group called ‘3 The Hard Way’. It’s members included Huntkillbury Finn, DJ Marga and DJ Brainiac and they later changed their name to Katch 22 and were joined by DJ Kill-A-Man-Twice.

Their first outing on vinyl was as part of the HQ Squad, which contained Katch 22, Zombi Head Hunters and Standing Ovation, the track was called ‘Burial Proceedings In The Course Of Three Knights’, and was produced by DJ Supreme (Hijack).

DJ Marga and DJ Kill-A-Man-Twice were in the group Rude Boy Business around that time who had released ‘Chasing Competition / Cool Sailing’ on Kold Sweat. Thanks to the Kold Sweat owner being impressed with the Rude Boy Business release he signed Katch 22 and between 1990 and 1995 they went on to release many records which made them the first British hip hop group to release three official albums. In 1995 the group called it a day.

Huntkillbury Finn has put out many solo releases as HKB Finn focusing more on the poetry side of things, he also runs a film company that he started in 1999 called Just Jazz Visuals and DJ Marga has recently started DJing again.


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