Junior Gee

Junior Gee

Junior Gee hails from the first school of UK rap, recording one of the first UK rap records in 1983: Caveman Rap. In 1985 he won the London rap Convention and appeared on a fair few releases at the time. He also features on the legendary early UK scene document Electro Rock. In 1986 he released a brilliant record called ‘The Truth’ which came out on Scorcher, a US label subsidiary of JDC – this kinda shows how big he was becoming I suppose. He released a few more singles after this before fading at the time when artists such as MC Duke, Hijack and Demon Boyz came around. 

In the early 90s he was the rapper on the Hoodlum Priest project and these days, having turned to Christianity, he is a Christian RnB/Rap artist called Godstar.


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