In 1988 JC-001 signed to Dave Stewart’s Anxious Records label, releasing several singles, most notably “Never Again”, a rap against racism featuring The Specials Ghost Town Hook and “Favorite Breaks” with DJ D-Zire. 

JC-001 competed in a Guinness world record competition on 28th October, on BBC Radio 5s “The Mix” program, wining fastest rapper with 631 syllables a minute, as featured in the 1993 Guinness Book Of Records. He then spent time as a TV presenter on RTL Ireland on a show called Electric ballroom.

He has toured and recorded extensively worldwide with artists as diverse as George Clinton, Nitin Sawnhey, Natacha Atlas, Le Peuple De L’Herbe, Shri, Dave Stewart, Curve, The JB’s, Shakespears Sister, Boy George and many others.


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