JC-001 & D-Zire

JC-001 & D-Zire

JC-001, DJ D-Zire

JC-001 was an Asian-Irish rapper from Ladbroke Grove, West London, which is where he icked up toasting, before moving towards rap and electro. He became a local on the streets of Covent Garden, Leicester Square with Yankee B his human beatbox. In 1986 he linked up with Furious Fish Records and producer Richie Stevens and his father, the late John Stevens, a legendary drummer. Through several projects they got together with DJ D-Zire and Furious Fish released “I diss therefore I am” / “Words Within Words” along with “That’s Me” on a Furious Fish compilation and “Bad Place to Get Hit” followed.

In 1988 JC-001 signed to Dave Stewart’s Anxious Records label, releasing several singles, most notably “Never Again”, a rap against racism featuring The Specials Ghost Town Hook and “Favorite Breaks” with DJ D-Zire. 

JC-001 competed in a Guinness world record competition on 28th October, on BBC Radio 5s “The Mix” program, wining fastest rapper with 631 syllables a minute, as featured in the 1993 Guinness Book Of Records. They then released an album entitled ‘Ride The Break’ and in 1991 they toured with Shakespeare Sister. JC-001 then spent time as TV presenter on RTL Ireland on a show called Electric ballroom.


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