Huntkillbury Finn (HKB FiNN)

Huntkillbury Finn

Huntkillbury Finn (HKB FiNN) began his career in the 1980’s as a frontman for a South London DJ Collective (aka Sound System) called Skyliner. Despite his prominance as a Reggae MC, he graduated to Hip Hop in the early 1990’s and became the frontman for Katch 22. The group rose to prominence making 3 albums along the way and later disbanded. FiNN went on to work as a frontman for a number of European Hip Hop collectives, Classical Ensembles, Rock groups & Jazz bands. 

His solo career began officially in 1999 and he began to focus more on Poetry and Music.

Since his 2nd album solo album, he has appeared at over 500 international music festivals.  He performs occasionally at Poetry events but it’s his Poetry & Music show that has led him to appear in over 34 countries in the last 8 years.



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