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Hijack came out of Brixton, London in 1988 when they signed to Music Of Life, and they dropped their debut single, the now legendary, ‘Style Wars’. Their next release was the brilliant DJ Supreme produced ‘Hold No Hostage’ backed with ‘Doomsday Of Rap’, probably two of the best tunes ever to be released by a UK act, in my opinion. It was a release that grabbed the attention of hip hop fans all over Europe, with DJ’s Supreme and Undercover showing the world how the UK DJ’s do it and Kamanchi Sly dropping his trademark quick delivery.

Still on the underground scene, but with recognition growing all over Europe, ICE T heard Hijack on the radio and decided to sign them to his Rhyme Syndicate Records label in the USA. Their first release on the label, in 1989, was the Batman themed ‘The Badman Is Robbin’ which went on to reach the UK’s Top 40 charts, giving it’s listeners a taste of things to come with it’s opening lines ‘Taken From The Forthcoming Album, The Horns Of Jericho by Hijack’. 

In between ‘The Badman Is Robbin’ and ‘The Horns Of Jericho’ album, Hijack released ‘Style Warriors Revenge’ back on the Music Of Life label as a stop gap while Hijack were waiting for their album to be released by Warners Brothers after the collapse of ICE T’s Rhyme Syndicate Records.

Finally, ‘The Horns Of Jericho’ was unleashed to it’s awaiting public in 1991. With classics like ‘The Phantom Of The Opera’ and ‘Hijack The Terrorist Group’, it was a groundbreaking release from a UK act, that set the standards for others to follow. Unfortunately, Warner Brothers never released the album to the US market and Hijack parted company with the label. Soon after the group split due to musical differences, DJ Supreme went on to launch Backbone Records, working with such artists as The Icepick. Kamanchi Sly and DJ Undercover went on to set up Reservoir Records as Mr Pink and Mr Blonde, releasing two singles and re-releasing ‘The Original Horns Of Jericho’ a limited edition double album featuring previously unreleased tracks and an instrumental record.

Kamanchi Sly then went on to become ‘Unknown MC’ and set up Soulfood Records in 1998 with his brother DJ Pied Piper, they went on to produce for footballer Andy Cole on his single ‘Outstanding’. They managed to reached the Number 1 spot with garage tune ‘Do You Really Like It’. In 2014 Kamanchi Sly released ‘Incredible MC’ followed by ‘Britcore Nutta’ in 2015.

DJ Supreme released remixes of some Hijack classics in 2015, also an outstanding track called ‘R.I.P.’ with Son Of Noise in 2016 and the brilliant ‘Arctic’ with Icepick.


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