Heroes Of UK Hip Hop Back Online

After a 6 year absence from the internet the new Heroes Of UK Hip Hop website is now online.

After a 6 year absence from the internet Heroes Of UK Hip Hop returns with a fresh look and new style of database.

Due to my personal lack of activity on the internet, my unwillingness to partake in the ever growing popularity of Facebook, Twitter etc. and a very busy personal/work life it has been very difficult to keep track of what is going on in the scene I love. Relying on sources like undergroundunited.de for any new information that is out there.

Two years ago I thought about bringing the Heroes website back online, but, it has taken me that long to get it sorted and transfer everything into the new style and easier format to edit that I wanted to, let alone try and put on as many new releases that I could find. As I was putting it together the amount of new releases that were out there just showed me how strong and healthy the scene is at the moment thanks to companies like Britcore Rawmance, B-Line Recordings, Underground United, Naked Ape Records etc. all putting out this music on vinyl.

I know you can get most information on the internet like discogs.com, and people would argue a website like Heroes is pretty pointless nowadays, but, not all that information is in one place. For instance you may know what artists you are looking for when on Discogs but not many places have all those artists in one place together, to find easily. When I first created Heroes Of UK Hip Hop in 2004 it was a website that was basically a homage to the artists that created a sound in hip hop that was completely different to anything else that was out there. When you purchased a piece of hip hop vinyl that was from the UK in the late 80’s, early 90’s, 9 times out of 10 it would be of pure quality, so thank you.

The website is still a work in progress, I am looking at restoring the FREE Music and Exclusives section, but, feel it only right to ask the artists who previously gave me permission to add their music if it would still be OK. The forum is also a work in progress and I have added it to see if it would be worth putting one on here, but, lack of activity in the last couple of years before I closed it in 2012 would seem the lack of need.

Hope you all enjoy and approve of the new look and style, thanks for reading.


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