TLP.1., Gemini (R.I.P.), Son, Mada, A.Jay, Nyce ‘D’ (R.I.P.)

Son, Nyce ‘D’ & TL.P.1 were friends at school when they got together to form Hardnoise. At college they teamed up with A Jay and Gemini to create ‘Pure Destructive Power’, a tune that wasn’t released back then, but was on most early hip hop heads wish list and was finally released in 2012. 

DJ Mada then joined the group and they exploded onto the scene with their first self financed release, which was simply called ‘Untitled’ in 1990 a massive tune that blew people away with it’s powerful vocals and djing. As soon as Music Of Life got this tune into their heads, the crew were signed straight away and it got an official release on the label. Unfortunately Nyce ‘D’ passed away in 1990, due to Sickle Cell, R.I.P.

Their second release was ‘Mice In The Presence Of The Lion / Serve Tea Then Murder’ which also came out on Music Of Life. It gave each emcee the opportunity to shine, with both having their own full length track to display their skills. Unfortunately for all of us, these were the only tracks that we got to hear before they parted company. With Son and Mada going on to have huge success, joining forces with ex Gunshot member Curoc, and Blade’s ex colleague DJ Renegade to form Son Of Noise and Gemini went on to put out a 12″ with UK group Bushkiller under the name Bloodhound. Unfortunately, Gemini passed away in 2014 after a battle with cancer, R.I.P.


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