Fresh Ski & Mo Rock

Fresh Ski & Mo Rock

Biography (information taken from this excellent interview by Kid Dyno over at
Fresh Ski and Mo Rock met at Highbury Grove school after Fresh Ski heard that Mo Rock had bought the new Grandmaster DST record and tracked him down. They became friends and started rhyming and DJing round Mo Rock’s house with the members of Newtrament. Fresh Ski used to go to the open mic at Spats in London alongside acts such as Family Quest. In 1987 they gave a demo to Westwood who played it which lead to them receiving a call from Tuff Groove about releasing ‘Talking Pays’. After recording ‘The Coarse Selectors EP’ and having no joy releasing it, Fresh Ski & Mo Rock released ‘The Long Awaited Paroxysm’ on Conscious Music Records in 1991. ‘The Coarse Selectors EP’ was finally released in 2011 through Diggers With Gratitude.


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