Ford And The Coalition

Ford And The Coalition

Ford, Ambush and CJ Fade

Ford and The Coalition released their only 12” EP in January 1994 featuring a solo track by Ford entitled ‘Lights Out‘, a DJ instrumental track ‘Clap your hands’ by CJ Fade and ‘Get on the mic’ featuring both MC’s Ford and Ambush with CJ Fade on the decks. The EP was engineered by the one and only ‘No Sleep Nigel’ and only 500 copies were actually released. 

Ford, Ambush and Fade were original members of a larger crew called ‘The First Coalition’ mentioned by Ford in the track ‘Get on the Mic’ based in Bexleyheath on the Kent / South London border that made a demo track named ‘The Ambush’ in 1991 using beats put together by legendary South Londoner Blade. It received exposure on Westwood’s Capital Rap Show Demo Trail and was performed live at ‘Flavour of the month’ at the Borderline Club Charing X Road and at the Chats Palace UK Hip Hop Show in Hackney that year but never made it to vinyl. 


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