First Offence

First Offence

Steve Harris, Ian Bent and Bill Spiby

First Offence were founded in 1989 by Ste Harris, Ian Bent and Bill Spiby. The band hailed from Little Hulton in Salford. The ethos behind the band was to articulate the concerns and ideas of British working class council estate kids through the medium of hip-hop. In practice this meant songs about being on the dole and lots of punk rock samples. The band got a lot of attention from the music press following their first single (which was NME single of the week) recorded a Peel session and released a couple more singles. Their love of sampling and disregard for the niceties of sucking up to music journos and record executives ensured that they never made the big time. All three of the band continued to work in music and the media in various capacities following the break up of the band in the early nineties. The band also had an anonymous masked dancer called the Phantom. Most of their material was produced by Carl Adesile in Salford.

Rapper Steve Harris is now a very successful stand-up comedian who often incorporates rapping, beatbox, popping and breaking into his act, so he’s well worth checking out when he’s on in your area.


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