Encona Coarse

Encona Coarse

Def J, MC Tell Tale, The Mad Bomber, Mr K, Husky Miller

Encona Coarse was the offshoot of early UK Hip Hop/Ragga sound system Good Bad Ugly. Band members were equally distributed between Hip Hop / Reggae / Jazz and Rock, even though they are mostly known for Hip Hop. Def J the notorious lyricist and gallist of the Encona Coarse crew, originated from Dalston, London, he was the public face of Encona Coarse, he went from Encona Coarse to handle the Def J solo project at Kold Sweat records, with German producer Mad Bomber, who is understood to be racing power boats round the bahamas .

MC Tell Tale was originally a hip hop producer, he took to the mic because of his resembelence to gangstarr’s Guru. Rumour has it that he now resides in the Bahamas drinking rum and rippin beats with Mr K, the DJ, who invented the “Drunken Scratch” like Jackie Chan in drunken Master this DJ would defeat his enemies with outta time, yet in time scratches which always funked up the joint. It is a must to listen to Mr K and the Mad Bomber scratching on The Streets. Mad Bomber is cutting up Streets of San francisco whilst Mr K is cutting up Starsky and Hutch. The final member Husky Miller is a lyricist from the reggae dancehall vibe, his incursion on Via Coarseville EP was only the beginning, he lived the high life often turning Encona Coarse Hip Hop gigs into Reggae jams. Last heard of he was in South Africa.


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