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DJ Supreme

Biography (taken from his website)
DJ Supreme is a pioneering DJ, producer & turntablist from the legendary UK rap group HIJACK / Rhyme Syndicate (USA).

Recently releasing the Legacy Series at the start of 2015 to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Hijacks first and only album, Supreme is now gearing up to release further projects with a roster of the UK’s finest.

Supreme was the original founding member of the UK hip-hop group ‘Hijack’ that were prominent from the mid-80s onward in the UK and Europe. They cultivated a style and sound that would set the bench mark both sonically and for performances.

Hijack were vital to creating a standard to where Ice T and DJ’s like Q-Bert and Z Trip took inspiration from DJ Supreme and his ability as a very technical DJ from an early period.

DJ Supreme has been recognised for his influential styles by DJ Q-Bert, who in 2000 at ‘Skratchcon‘ in San Francisco invited DJ Supreme to guest and talk at a seminar.

Recently Q-Bert has featured on a track titled ‘Bring the Terror’, part of the Legacy series which consisted of the reimagining of Hijacks catalogue, Produced by DJ Supreme.

Today DJ Supreme is actively touring and producing new music with a host of veteran and up and coming UK artists. Supreme closely follows the UK music scene and it’s sound, always looking for new artists to work with.

A recent release titled ‘RIP’ featuring Son of Noise reached close to 80,000 hits proving Hardcore UK Hip Hop is still in demand today.


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