Digital Colors

Digital Colors

MC Cosh, MC Escalate, DJ Psychopath, Hideouz

Formed in the late 80’s in Hamburg (Hamburg-Bergedorf, HH80) by twin brothers Hideouz and Escalate, the Nuclear Bomb Posse renamed to Digital Colors after MC Cosh from Lordz Of Terror joined the crew in the early 90’s and released an album on Disorda records. Whilst most acts retired in the mid 90’s, Digital Colors were still doing tracks and gigs until the late 90’s, although the style had changed to be more US-influenced.

Being the DJ of Digital Colors, Hideouz was also rapping and still is, under the name Hideouz Newcome (Hideouz on the vox and DJ Psychopath on the beats and cuts) he released three albums between 1994 and 2007 and also a few tracks on samplers.


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