Demon Boyz

Demon Boyz

Mike J, Demon D, DJ Devastate

At the young age of 14, 15, the Demon Boyz were rockin the mic at the Rebel MC’s Beat Freak gigs. Their first slice of fame was on the Dave Pearce Radio London Rap show when they won a competition rappin down a phone, and the prize was to do a live session for the show. They won the overall competition and performed alongside Derek B, Faze One and T La Rock at Camden Place, where Derek B put them in contact with Music Of Life. 

They recorded ‘This Is A Jam’ for the Music Of Life compilation album Hard As Hell and as soon as people heard this tune there was a buzz. One of the first groups (if not the the first) to use their own accent, and soon they were signed to the Music Of Life label. They released a few 12 inches and an excellent debut album called ‘Recognition’ with achieved high sales and is now still one of the most popular UK hip hop albums around, with it still selling well on Ebay.

Island records (Mango) noticed how well ‘Recognition’ was doing and the Demon Boyz made the big switch to a major label, but, unfortunately they only released one 12 inch called ‘International Karate’ before Island kicked them off, which the Demon Boyz were happy with, because they weren’t getting the support off Island that they wanted.

A year later they signed to their long time friend and hip hop companion Rebel MC’s Tribal Bass label, the Demon Boyz went to the same school as the Rebel MC and he was good friends with Mike J’s brother. The first release on Tribal Bass was ‘Dett’ which was closely followed by the album the brilliant ‘Original Guidance – The Second Chapter’. This is the last we heard of the Demon Boyz until in 2004 Mike J reappeared as Million Dan with ‘Dogz N Sledgez’.


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