Definition Of Sound

Definition Of Sound

Donald Weekes, Kevin Clark, Mike Spencer

Biography (Taken from their Wikipedia page)
Clark and Weekes first recorded together in 1988, using the name Top Billin. They released two songs, “Naturally” and “Straight From the Soul”, on the Dance Yard record label before signing to Phonogram for the single ” My Thing/Surprise”.  In 1990, the band signed to Circa in the UK and Cardiac in the US. Having changed their name to Definition of Sound, the duo recorded Love and Life: A Journey With the Chameleons (1991). The album featured four singles: “Now Is Tomorrow”, “Wear Your Love Like Heaven”, “Moira Jane’s Cafe”, and “Dream Girl”. Vocal duties on “Now Is Tomorrow” and some album tracks were handled by singer, Elaine Vassel. The video for “Moira Jane’s Cafe” was directed by Mark Romanek.

The band recorded two more albums, The Lick (1992) and Experience (1996), for different record labels and with different producers. In 1997 they released three promotional singles through MCA/Universal, in advance of a planned fourth album. Before the album was released, the band decided to stop recording.

Clark and Weekes’ are featured as Definition of Sound on the Freestylers’ single “Here We Go” (1998).

Initially, the final members Clark, Weekes, and Spencer continued as a songwriting remix and production team.

Clark went on to work in A&R and music publishing. He was also a recurring cast member on The Mayor of Kentish Town comedy radio show on Soho Radio, with Steve Furst (Little Britain/Lenny Beige) and Dominic Coleman (Miranda/Trollied).

Spencer has continued producing and recording musicians, as well as music publishing.

Weekes released a solo album before leaving the music industry.


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