Dead Residents – Keep Britain Tidy Review (2006)

Dead Residents - Keep Britain Tidy

Occasionally someone comes along with the intention of bringing something fresh to the scene and many times they fall flat on their face, but, not in this case. ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ is the 16 track debut album from Dead Residents, I say debut loosely as the guys behind it have been around the scene for many years and it shows with it’s influences. Emcee/producer Junior Disprol (Fleapit/Fat Club) and producer Chud Jackson have been friends for many years and decided 3 or 4 years ago to put their heads together to form Dead Residents and with the help of Sir Doofus Styles, Optimas Prime and the Squire have stepped up with something quite superb.

As the intro kicks in, Junior Disprol drops the line ‘I’ll spit till I’m in a rocking chair, collecting a f***ing state pension’, which seems to sum him up perfectly and I for one would definitely welcome that.

The album contains their latest single release, ‘Pigeon Street’ with it’s mellow strings and electric guitar backing, which on first listen I wasn’t too keen on, but, after hearing it a few times it definitely grows on you and you start to realise the message in the song goes a lot deeper than you think. ‘Douche And Bounce’ is a definite head nodder with it’s Asian feel and big beats and the brilliant ‘Walk On Glass’ off their Poltergeist Frequency EP is also on here in remix form courtesy of Squire.

‘Routines’ is, THE, standout, this tune is awesome, as soon as Junior Disprol comes in you know you are hearing a tune by guys that know their hip hop, funky as hell, but hard as Dirty Den buried in concrete under the Queen Vic and Junior Disprol dropping quick rhymes, real hip hop. ‘It’s Time’ with it’s mellow guitar sampling MC Mell’O’s ‘Our Time’ in the hook, is also a great track. Also, look out for ‘Fresh Fresh Again’, with it’s nicely produced beat and brilliant Optimas Prime’s cuts and for the very clever ‘Childrens Story’ which uses the Kia Ora theme tune ‘I’ll Be Your Dawg’ remember that?

Overall, this album is something different, something original, but with a touch of the old school thrown in, a nice break from all the depressing UK hip hop that’s around at the moment, it’s straight up hip hop, hard beats, hard rhymes with clever lyrical word play and guess what it’s got cuts on it. Dead Residents are not afraid to experiment and Junior Disprol definitely doesn’t hold back with his lyrical content. Personally, for me, I wish more UK artists would drop like this because this is the way forward in my opinion, breaks and cuts thrown in all over place. There’s not a bad track included in this, I was even doing the flamenco to ‘Que Pasa Contigo’ after 5 cans of Strongbow for god’s sake, great stuff. P.S. make sure you hear the hidden track.


1. Intro
2. Pigeon Street
3. Barnados
4. Douche And Bounce
5. Walk On Glass (remix)
6. P.C.P.
7. Routines
8. It’s Time
9. Tell ‘Em
10. Grown Music
11. Childrens Story
12. Fresh Fresh Again
13. Official
14. Wig Out (lp mix)
15. Que Pasa Contigo
16. Outro

Reviewed by Websta for Heroes Of UK Hip Hop 2005

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