Cash Crew

Cash Crew

Trim, Champain, Loose

The Cash Crew came out of Ladbroke Grove in around 1985 and were originally Trim and Flex from Mighty Ethnics. They met Champain at a hip hop jam on Ladbroke Grove and he joined the crew, soon after came Loose as the crews’ DJ. In 1987 they released their first joint, a tune called ‘Microphone Maniac’. Then in 1988 they released their first of two joints on Vinyl Solution called ‘You Can’t Stop This’. They then signed to Scream and released the now classic ‘Green Grass’ as well as a couple of 12 inches and an excellent debut album called ‘Will It Make My Brown Eyes Blue’ featuring the brilliant ‘Ghetto Circumstances’. After being dropped from Scream they decided to start their own label called ‘Street Ministry’ and the diverse ‘Anything Can Happen EP’. They then signed to Disques Vogue a french label and released their second album ‘From An Afropean Perspective’ their final piece of music as the Cash Crew as far as we know.


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