Gemini, Sirus, Digit, Chu Champion, Lyrikal

Bushkiller’s first release, ’92 Salute’ b/w ‘Bushkiller Draw’, featured Gemini (from Hardnoise), Sirus (who released a few 12 inches and EP’s), and Digit who also produced the tracks that were engineered by No Sleep Nigel. 

Unfortunately Sirus didn’t appear on their second release the ‘Trouble Makers EP’. The second EP saw the return of Digit and also featured Lyrikal (who worked with Mell’O’ and Sparki, and was from a crew called M.I.T.) plus Chu Champion (who was from a crew called Black Steel). The ‘Music in Motion/Strings In Motion’ tracks featured Chu Champion only. Gemini dropped a few brief words on the intro of Trouble Makers Part 1 and a few words on the outro of Trouble Makers Part 2, but didn’t perform lyrical vocals on any of the tracks. Digit produced the tracks with the help of a production stable called The Blood Brothers. Cuts on all tracks were done by Billy The Kid.


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