Brothers Like Outlaw

Brothers Like Outlaw

MC Bello B, DJ K. Gee

Originally the Outlaw Posse they changed their name to Brothers Like Outlaw in 1992.

K-Gee started out as a drummer in the school band, but soon had a residency as a DJ in the ‘Fringe’ in London. Together with his school friend Bello B, K-Gee used to rap over beats and basslines and record their efforts onto tape. The duo called themselves the Outlaw Posse, and the tapes they recorded came to the attention of DJ Richie Rich, who was making his name as both a club DJ and a recording artist in his own right. He was also the owner of Gee Street Records, and was impressed enough with the group to offer them some time in a recording studio. The tunes the group put together became their successful debut album, ‘My Afro’s On Fire’, an album that was decidated to Bello B’s late brother, Bentil Bello.

They later changed their name to ‘Outlaw’ releasing one of their hardest tunes ‘Sons Of The Devil’ a diss to the Cash Crew. By the time they released their second album ‘The Oneness Of Two Minds In Unison’ they had become ‘Brothers Like Outlaw’

Citing musical differences, the group split and went their separate ways in 1992, although more recently K-Gee has stated that the group were actually recording a third album and split because of Gee Street’s delays in putting out new material.

K-Gee went on to gain respect as a bootleg remixer, which eventually led to more official work coming his way. He is now most well known as the producer of several of the pop group All Saints’ biggest hits. Bello B went on to have a career as a solo artist, guesting on tracks by artists such as Dodge City Productions and rapping on The KLF’s hit single “America: What Time Is Love?”. He also released the single Daddy on the Run as Mistah Bello, which featured remixes by his old colleague K-Gee. Nowadays, the duo have put their differences behind them and remain good friends.


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