Broken Glass

Broken Glass

Kermit, Fiddz, Greg Wilson, Martin Jackson, Andy Connell

The original Broken Glass got together in 1983 as a breakdance crew from Manchester, with Kermit (of Ruthless Rap Assassins fame) one of the founding members. They were the best known breakdance crew in the UK, from busking on the streets of Manchester to appearing on TV’s ‘The Tube’, they helped expose the artform to the UK audience. Greg Wilson was a DJ at the Hacienda, where Broken Glass were the resident crew, and in 1984 hooked up with Broken Glass members Kermit and Fiddz to release one of the first ever UK hip hop tracks ‘Style Of The Street’.

‘Style Of The Street’ appeared on the Street Sounds UK Electro compilation album, alongside Rapologists – Hip Hop Beat, before being issued as a single on the Streetwave label.

Kermit went on to become a member of one of the most successful UK hip hop acts in the country, the Ruthless Rap Assassins and later went on to achieve fame with Happy Mondays frontman Sean Ryder with Black Grape.


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