Blak Prophetz

Blak Prophetz

DJ Sure Shot, Retro

The Blak Prophetz was formed in the mid 1980s in England by DJ Sure Shot (Mark Duffus). He was known for his vast music/record collection, including thousands of vinyl albums from his long djaying career, and it was he who created and produced all the music for the band. He was also the lead vocalist until he recruited new member Retro (Chris Hodge), a rapper from London in the early 90’s and the two have been together ever since. 

The first track known to be released by this band can be found on a rare compilation called “The Wheel Project” which was a community project for local talent. The Blak Prophetz had no real interest to be on this project as they saw it as a step in the wrong direction, but Sure Shot offered his production skills to help some artists who were to appear on the album. One of the chosen artists got nervous, and decided to back out of the album deal, so they asked the Blak Prophetz to take their place on the album, they agreed and released a track entitled “Feel the Force”. 

This track got the Blak Prophetz their first real record deal with a small independent record label called GTI/Kickin Records based in West London. It was with this label that the Blak Prophetz released another track entitled “Fax on Wax”, which for legal reasons only came out on limited edition promos, then they were soon signed by Kold Sweat Records. It was with this label the Blak Prophetz release the track called “Chapter One”. 

DJ Sure Shot then put Blak Prophetz while he went to work with, and, produce tracks for groups such as Urban Species and Us3. When DJ Sure Shot made moves to New York, he became close friends with Ced Gee (Ultramagnetic MC’s), Grafiq Sebek, DJ Tony Tone (Cold Crush Brothers) and Afrika Bambaataa. Since then, the Blak Prophetz have been working very closely with these guys and in the late 1990s, a Blak Prophetz release came out from their very own record label which they formed called “Fatt Jointz Records”. They then followed this up with their first album in 2005 entitled “The 2nd Coming” released on their own label.


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