Where do you begin to provide information on Blade that hasn’t already been provided by nearly every UK Hip Hop lover in the world. Blade was probably the biggest inspiration for any up and coming artist back in the day. From selling records on the street out of a bag, to signing to Wordplay, there is no denying the place Blade holds in UK Hip Hop’s history.

Blade released his debut ‘Lyrical Maniac’ in 1989, which was picked up by Raw Bass and released as their debut single, it featured one of my personal all time favourite UK Hip Hop tunes and the first tune I ever heard from Blade ‘The Comin Is Near’. Blade then went on to release many classic records on his own 691 Influential label, one such release was the groundbreaking and inspiring ‘The Lion Goes From Strength to Strength’ double album, which fans put money up front to fund, and Blade replied to their kind generosity by giving them a free limited edition 12″ called ‘Clear The Way’ which now sells for around £100.

In 1997 Blade met Mark B and they went on to release some classic UK Hip Hop, which managed to reach the UK National Charts on the Wordplay label, all the time sticking with his gritty lyrical content that makes him such an admirable artist.

After leaving Wordplay Blade began releasing material on his own 691 Influential label as a solo artist. Two albums “Storms Are Brewing’ and ‘Guerilla Tactics’, which also had the exceptional talents of Baby J on production, along with a number of single releases were critically acclaimed. Unfortunately in 2006 after the release of ‘Guerilla Tactics’ Blade hung up the mic and retired.

There are still hopes he will pick up the mic again, fingers crossed…


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