Blade – Mumps Review (2005)

(2005) Mumps

Blade is back and this time he’s brought Baby J along with him on production. ‘Mumps’ is the first new release (apart from the re-release of Lyrical Maniac) on Blade’s 691 Influential label since he, himself, put out ‘Reflections’ as a single off the ‘Storms Are Brewing’ album and it’s a completely different angle Blade has taken. ‘Mumps’ is an uplifting, face paced, funky as hell Baby J beat and it suits Blade’s vocal style perfectly, with his trademark quick delivery. The funky trumpets and female vocals by Laurissa in the hook works really well to break up the aggressive delivery by Blade in the verses, it is a definite dancefloor filler and has a great chance in reaching a much wider audience, which is exactly the kind of push we need in the UK at the moment.

Also, on this release, but, unlike ‘Mumps’ will not be featured on Blade’s forthcoming album, is ‘Love Twins’ a very soulful and clever track that I personally feel, focuses on the long term relationship Blade has held with hip hop. Thought provoking and obviously something close to Blade’s heart, it shows how Blade has battled to stay with the music that means so much to him. Baby J, again, brings out the best of Blade and gives us a beat that would be welcomed by any emcee worldwide, with a great bassline running through it, brilliant soulful female vocal sample in the hook and excellent drum patterns, it shines. Also on the release is an accapella and instrumental of ‘Mumps’.

Overall, it is a great release, that will attract both Baby J fans and Blade fans, but personally I feel it will take both artists to a much wider audience and most people that wait for the release of Blade’s album next year to get hold of ‘Mumps’ will defintely be missing out on purchasing a great tune in ‘Love Twins’. Go get it!


Side 1
1. Mumps
2. Mumps (Instrumental)

Side 2
1. Love Twins
2. Mumps (Accapella)

Release page HERE

Reviewed by Websta for Heroes Of UK Hip Hop 2005

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