Blade – It’s Your Time Review (2006)

(2006) It's Your Time

‘It’s Your Time’ is the second single from Blade’s forthcoming album Guerilla Tactics and it has a more mellow vibe to it compared to the energetic feel of the previous release Mumps, Baby J is once again supplying the beat and Laurissa is also back featuring on the chorus vocals. Blade comes on more of conscious tip for this follow up, a don’t give up, keep on going, positive thinking message over the top of a funky guitar loop, backed with classic snares and hats it gives the uplifting feel that it seems Blade and Baby J were aiming for, with a chorus singing “It’s all down to you, choose what you want to do”. Lyrically Blade comes strong and delivers his words with emotion “everybodies worn the t-shirt and cried the tears, nothing ever changes it’s worse for pioneers” is just one of the lines that stand out of many.

The flip side ‘I Found A Reason’ is also a mellow tune and I feel Blade has gone a lot more personal on this track, letting people in on feelings surrounding his family. It’s a track aimed towards his love for his son and you can’t help feeling it took a lot for Blade to release lyrics of this nature. Again, Baby J drops a solid beat, with harmonies running throughout the background of the track giving it an emotional vibe. For me this is the stronger track of the two, purely for it’s all round quality, there aren’t many hip hop tunes out there that that pull on your emotional strings but this is one of them, it’s rapidly becoming one of my favourite Blade tune’s and with a back catalogue as strong as his, that’s saying something.

Overall it is another great release from two dedicated and very talented hip hop artists, go get it!


Side 1
1. It’s Your Time
2. It’s Your Time (Instrumental)

Side 2
1. I Found A Reason
2. It’s Your Time (Accapella)

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Reviewed by Websta for Heroes Of UK Hip Hop 2005

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