Black Radical MK II

Black Radical MK II

Black Radical’s vinyl debut was on Gaugin The Bass, along with fellow Bass Inc artists BC and DJ Cell. It was done as a favour for Coldcut who needed some rappers for the track. Discovering how easy it was to make a record Bass Inc decided to release B Boys Be Wise / We Otta Here with Black Radical/Sir Nova (same person). The next release was Rock the Boat by BC. After that Coldcut wanted to do another track and remix B Boys Be Wise. Black Radical decided to do Monsoon. It went out on 2TheBone, It was initially meant to appear on Coldcut’s album ‘What’s That Noise’ but, the label Big Life didn’t want to put it on. In the words of Black Radical “Yazz walked into the studio and Coldcut introduced us and asked her to listen to the track. She stood motionless, looked at us like we were f***ing mad or something, she looked at Matt (Coldcut) as if he was f***ing mad and said, ‘Oh yeah, that’s nice'”. It never went on because Yazz and Big Life were offended by it…..their loss our gain. It became a massive underground hit and even reached number one for many weeks on Germany’s Hip Hop chart.

He then signed to Mango Street, the same label as Overlord X, and released the long awaited ‘Rippin Up The Industry’ in 1990 as well as his excellent debut album ‘The Undiluted Truth’ featuring the brilliant ‘Crossroads’. 

Coming back in 1995 with his second album ‘Double Edged Sword’, Black Radical stuck with his tough talking content, but voiced his views over more laid back production. After a 3 year break Black Radical returned in 1998, when he released his third and most underrated album ‘Khaos & Konfusion’ featuring the excellent ‘The Last Knock’ a take on Doug E Fresh’s ‘La Di Da Di’.

Black Radical MK II, is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated UK artists, and although some people may not agree with his views, there is no arguing with his outstanding talent.


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