3:6 Philly

3:6 Philly

Jase, Gea, Delite

3:6 Philly was originally formed around 1989, their first release came out via Camden based label Zoom Records in 1992. The band line up was Jase (Chris Fairman) vocals, Gea (Gea Russell) vocals & production and Delite (Ray Francis) DJ & production. The Nottingham based trio was often described as an experimental hip hop band for that period, choosing to sample obscure jazz and rare ska records as a base for their tracks.

Their (US style, shrink wrapped) debut promo E.P included tracks ‘Those Flags Offend Me’ and ‘Three Kryed Rape’ with alternative mixes, instrumentals and a dub track entitled ‘Kingston 12’. This began an underground buzz that steadily grew following the bands first official release of ‘Those Flags Offend Me’ 12″. Critically acclaimed for its infectious jazz break, fronted with some socially conscious yet poignant lyrics. The follow up 12″ ‘Funky Alcohol’ b/w ‘The World Still Turns’ also became a minor classic and was lorded by prominent DJs and the press alike.

Notorious for giving outstanding live performances sometimes with the aid of a full backing band, which was quite rare on the UK hip hop scene at that time, they was also as impressive with just two MC’s and a DJ which was the lineup that played the opening night of ‘The Alley’ underneath the Rock Garden in Covent Garden, London hosted by Jerry Dammers and Paul Guntrip. This became a seminal venue for cutting edge hip hop acts around 92 & 93. 3:6 Philly toured the UK sharing stages with acts such as Blade, Hijack and US band Spearhead. Their schedule also included the odd TV appearance like their slot on Channel 4’s ‘Naked City’ performing ‘Grave Digger’ a track that was scheduled to be the next single but was never released.

During the following period the band worked at completing their album. They was given development time at Island studios and had sessions with among others producer Howie B. However by this time the core element that made the sound of 3:6 Philly so original was being pulled in too many directions. The album was never completed, leaving a reasonable body of work that still remains unreleased.


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