S.L. Troopers

S.L. Troopers
DJ Crime, DJ Woodhouse, MC Flame, MC Tech 1, Jonno, Sweet Pea


SL (South London) Troopers began when DJ Woodhouse and DJ Crime were deejaying together, after a couple of years they met up with Sweet Pea, who recorded the single ‘Armed & Dangerous’ with them and they pressed 500 copies onto white label in 1988. Sweet Pea then did some work with LA Mix on a track called ‘Mellow Mellow (Right On)’ before releasing ‘Movement’ on Music Of Life in 1989.

They then moved onto the Kold Sweat label and released ‘Knowledge’ b/w ‘Put Your Brain In Gear’.

Sweet Pea is now better known as Travis Blaque.


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