(2018) Chrome – The Best Of…1990-2018

(2018) The Best Of...1990-2018

THE BEST OF…1990-2019 (Digital Album)

1. Sands Of Time
2. PutIt On Paper (featuring MC Squared)
3. Straight Up Raw
4. Don’t Go (featuring Ruby O’callaghan)
5. Men Of Wizdom (featuring DJ Sure D)
6. GimmieThat Beat
7. Whats The Situation
8. Koldspehl
9. Flow Man
10. Flavour (Remix)
11. Get Respect
12. Good 4 U 2 Know (Beatbox Mix)
13. Room To Breathe
14. You Should Know (featuring Illinspired)
15. Late Saturday Night Joint (featuring DJ JU-E)
16. Fallin’
17. Synchronise (featuring The Anthropologist and DPF)
18. Flatliner (Remix) (featuring DJ JU-E)
19. French Guitar Lessons (featuring Kashmere and DJ Tuf Kut)
20. Put It Back (92 Demo Mix)

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