(1993) Various ‎Artists – The Best Of Music Of Life (CD)

(1993) The Best Of Music Of Life

THE BEST OF MUSIC OF LIFE (Music Of Life – 1993) (CD)
(Cat. No. MOLCD 029)

1Hijack – Style Warriors Revenge
2The 3 Knights – Burial Proceedings In The Course Of 3 Kinghts
3The Demon Boyz – Rougher Than An Animal
4Daddy Freddy – Haul & Pull
5Duke – I’m Riffin’
6CJ Mackintosh & Einstein – The Tables Are Turning
7Asher D & Daddy Freddy – Raggamuffin Hip Hop
8Son Of Noise – Son Of Noise
9Hardnoise – Mice In The Presence Of The Lion
10She Rockers – Give It A Rest
11SL Troopers & Sweet Pea – Movement
12Hijack – Hold No Hostage
13Asher D – Still Kickin’
14MC Duke & Daddy Freddy – Freddy’s Back